Kitten Shower

On August 9th, 2014 join Philadoptables and ACCT Philly for a morning of fun, games and life saving! Thanks to the generous support of our friends at Petco Charities, Philadoptables will be hosting a fun kitten shower filled with games, prizes, lots of tasty goodies and experienced foster parents who would be happy to answer all your questions about fostering kittens. Already a foster parent? Then join us and meet all the foster moms and dad you have been talking to on Facebook all summer but have not meet in real life! This kid friendly event aims to send as many kittens as possible into loving homes and as a thank you to our amazing fosters, all will go home with 40 pounds of litter, big bag of dry kitten food, case of wet food and kitty bed. No RSVP needed – just show up 10am-noon for the games and prizes and all day long for the foster kits! All fun is taking place at 111 W Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia, 19140.

cat party